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Waste/Recycling Technician

DFW Airport, TX, United States
Mar 2, 2023


Job Description



Under general direction, responsible for various waste and recycling operations and maintenance functions on the premises of DFW Airport as determined by Waste and Recycling Management. Responsibilities include but are not limited to inspecting all compacters staging areas on the Airfield Operations Area (AOA) and vehicles used in transporting of waste and recycling. Performs maintenance of equipment and assets deployed in the service of DFW Airport's waste and recycling collection system. Ensures no Foreign Object Debris or other wildlife attractions get left on the AOA during waste removal. Participate in winter weather operations to provide uninterrupted service to tenants and passengers. Other specific tasks can and will vary based on seasonal demand.   



  1. Will operate a wide variety of heavy and light-duty waste and recycling equipment on and off the AOA that requires the possession of a valid CDL Class "B" licenses.
  2. Inspects all equipment related to solid waste and recycling removal. Maintains, repairs and refurbishes waste containers, compactors, and associated equipment.
  3. Communicates with DFW Airport contractors, tenants, and customers as needed to coordinate waste/recycling services.
  4. Composes reports as necessary and appropriate for the tracking and logging of equipment maintenance and customer billing.
  5. Coordinate with other Board departments on waste and recycling initiatives at the terminals and emergent areas throughout the airport.
  6. Direct and assist outside contractors to the appropriate location of equipment to expedite repairs. 
  7. Notify Waste and Recycling management of any attempts to damage, vandalize, or remove DFW equipment or any other suspicious circumstances that may affect normal operations.   
  8. Perform inspections of DFW buildings, parking garages, and ramp areas for compliance with DFW waste and recycling policy and procedures.
  9. Work with and educate employees, tenants, and the general public on sustainable waste and recycling practices. 
  10. Participates in ensuring regulatory compliance of airport and tenant facilities and personnel.
  11. Ensure security at compacter sites throughout the airport environment.
  12. Participates in Board sponsored environmental outreach programs with airport tenants and the local community.
  13. Provides a variety of additional duties within the Environmental Affairs Department to include the staging of assets for disaster and emergency response, special events support and, other duties as assigned. 
  14. Coordinates and inspects work performed by contractors.
  15. Reads and interprets data from solid waste containers and compactors; identifies and reports deficiencies in damaged and faulty equipment or instruments. Requests assistance when repairs are beyond technical expertise.
  16. Ensures environmental aspects and impacts within the span of control of your position are identified and timely communicate applicable personnel and operational changes to management personnel.



  • Completion of high school curriculum or equivalent.
  • Two (2) years of experience in operation of class "B" or higher Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) vehicle.
  • Possession of a valid Class B or higher Commercial Driver’s license.
  • Has not been convicted of a Class "B" misdemeanor within the last ten years or any offense greater than a Class "B".
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug test.
  • Ability to pass a medical and physical examination.
  • Must obtain a Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Airport Identification/Access Badge (badge) in accordance with Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements in Chapter 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 1500 et al., and DFW Airport's Security Program within thirty (30) days from date of employment and maintain qualification for a SIDA badge upon badge renewal.
  • This is a DOT-designated and Airport-designated safety sensitive position as defined in DFW Airport’s Drug and Alcohol Administrative Policy and Procedure. Applicants selected for this position will be required to pass drug and alcohol tests prior to employment and to submit to drug and alcohol screening on a random basis during the length of their employment in the safety sensitive position.
  • This is a designated Essential Employee position as defined in DFW Airport’s Categories and Classifications Administrative Policy and Procedure. An essential employee is one whose attendance is required to maintain airport operations during an emergency or inclement weather situation.
  • Must be able to meet all initial and recurrent training requirements in accordance with Title 14 CFR part 139 and administrative Policy AO.014.01, Ground Vehicle Driver Training for Air Operations Area (AOA) within 30 days of assignment to a driving position and before being permitted to operate the vehicle without the direct supervision and presence of a co-operator qualified under this requirement.



  • Knowledge of the operating characteristics of powered and mobile waste collection and disposal equipment.
  • Knowledge of hazards and safety precautions associated with the assigned equipment and its operation.
  • Knowledge of the field maintenance requirements of assigned equipment.
  • Knowledge of proper lifting techniques.
  • Ability to operate powered and mobile equipment to collect waste and maintain waste equipment.
  • Ability to maintain and repair industrial air and hydraulics systems.
  • Ability to operate manual and powered tools.
  • Ability to maintain and prepare routine records and reports.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, and to establish and maintain effective internal and external working relationships.
  • Ability to understand and adhere to the Airport Board's safety, security, and fire protection policies when performing assigned work on Airport property.
  • Ability to use a computer and associated programs.
  • Ability to take various types of reports either by telephone or in-person.
  • Ability to comprehend and understand pertinent federal, state codes, and regulations.
  • Ability to complete all mandatory training.
  • Ability to perform intermediate mathematical calculations such as fractions, decimals and percentages.



  • Must have a clean private driving record: (a) no class "B" misdemeanor within the last ten years and (b) no offense greater than a Class "B."



  • Two (2) years of experience in operation and field maintenance of waste equipment.
  • Multi-lingual.



  • Works in a maintenance environment
  • Works outdoors for extended periods in inclement weather and in conditions containing open waste, lubricants, solvents, grease, poor lighting, fumes and noise.
  • Uses near-visual acuity in calibrating power units, reading written documents, equipment manuals and schematics
  • Uses far-visual acuity and depth perception in driving vehicles and operating waste equipment
  • Operates equipment with hand and foot-operated controls using eye/hand/foot coordination.
  • Works in awkward positions such as stooping, squatting or with arms above the head for prolonged periods of time.
  • Walks for prolonged periods of time.
  • Uses manual, powered and pneumatic tools.
  • Uses fingers and hands to assemble and disassemble parts and components.
  • Uses hand/arm manipulation in equipment repair and operation.
  • Uses keyboard devices and computer monitors.
  • Performs manual labor, frequently exerting forces equivalent to lifting up to 50 pounds and occasionally exerting forces equivalent to lifting up to 100 pounds.
  • Drives to locations on and off Airport property.
  • Sits for extended periods of time.
  • Exchanges information in person and over the phone.
  • During emergencies, works for prolonged periods of time under stress.



Job Info

Job ID# 1006992

Mar 2, 2023

United States