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Utilities Engineer

DFW Airport, TX, United States
Sep 9, 2021


Job Description


Job Overview

As the Utilities Engineer in the Energy, Transportation, and Asset Management department, you will conduct inspections (self and contract service) to identify issues with the Water, Sanitary Sewer, Reclaim Water, and Glycol Recovery systems (Water/Wastewater Systems). You will use system models and your engineering analysis to draft capital improvement funding requests, develop projects to improve the systems and keep DFW Airport utility systems in good working order.

What you will be doing:

  • Providing engineering support for all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the Airport Water/Wastewater System.
  • Managing contract maintenance and inspection services of the Water/Wastewater System including the developing condition ratings based on the video inspections and reports received for such contract services.
  • Identifying, recommending and implementing capital projects and/or other improvements to water/wastewater systems, equipment and processes to maximize efficiency, sustainability, reliability, and/or maintainability.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, managing and reporting on the efficiency and effectiveness of Water/Wastewater System operations using system hydraulic models, metrics, benchmarks and key indicators of performance.
  • Publicizing, promoting and communicating Board water resource management and conservation efforts and activities with the objective of raising internal and external awareness and support.
  • Coordinating and engaging with external departments and utility providers on planning, assessment, engineering design, construction, budgeting, operation and maintenance related to water and wastewater services and infrastructure.

What you need:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in engineering.
  • Five (5) years progressively responsible experience in water and/or wastewater utility system management, operation, maintenance, or construction.\
  • Two (2) years of supervisory experience.
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for the above.
  • Possession of a valid Class C driver’s license.

What we desire:

  • Knowledge of the management, construction, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater systems.
  • Experience in using hydraulic software models in developing water and wastewater system models that mimic the actual operation of the systems and conduct various model scenarios to verify the operation or proposed improvements of the systems.
  • Skill in identifying defects in utilities construction and the ability to take corrective action.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records of expenditures, tests, and maintenance of water and wastewater systems.

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Job ID# 1005751

Sep 9, 2021

United States