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Automotive Technician Helper

DFW Airport, TX, United States
Nov 17, 2021


Job Description


Job Overview

As a Auto Tech Helper, in the Heavy Equipment section, you will assist in washing and cleaning fleet vehicles, lubricating and oil changes, checking and changing tires, and assisting the fleet shop in general routine service calls or errands.  

What you will be doing:

•     Washes Board vehicles.

•     Lubricates and changes oil in vehicles.

•     Fills vehicle tanks with fuel.

•     Checks vehicle fluid levels

•     Checks and inflates tires to correct pressure

•     Changes and repairs tires on vehicles.

•     Picks up and returns vehicles to the Board department after servicing.

•     Makes road calls to perform routine service.

•     May drive to pick up parts from auto parts houses.

•     May issue, receive and account for tools and parts.

•     Cleans shop area, sweeps floors and stores tools.

•     Assists Technicians in maintenance and repair work.

•     Records routine transactions.

What you need:

•     Education less than that required for completion of high school curriculum.

•     Six (6) months experience performing routine servicing of automotive equipment.

•     Possession of a Class C driver's license.

What we desire:

•     Ability to work shifts, including nights and weekends during foul winter weather

•     Knowledge of the tools and equipment used in servicing vehicles.

•     Knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions associated with servicing vehicles.

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Job Info

Job ID# 1005930

Nov 17, 2021

United States